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Mario Bradley, by now a familiar name on the scene, has been passionate about his music since an early age. He recalls being influenced quite early on by such favourite artists as Joe Clay, Hardrock Gunter,The Cure, Big Joe Turner Howlin Wolf, The Clash, Big Boy Arthur Cruddup, Elmore James, The Cult.  Mario was already playing double bass by the age of 17, playing with such bands as The Marvels, and later on The Blue Ridge Mountain Boys and The Bootleggers. It was through playing in these bands that Mario learnt other instruments such as guitar, piano and drums.




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Forgiveness is just another word for being a coward. An eye for an eye,

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As you can see I'm quite open about my mental health struggle cos I'm not ashamed of it. There is alot of ignorance and stigma surrounding mental health. I've had loads of fights in my life that I've won and lost but this illness is the hardest fight I've ever had.

75% of the prison population have undiagnosed A.D.H.D and other mental health problems.


Bradshack Studio

On  a musical note, I'm planning to release a new EP  soon which promises some new sounds. I'm pleased to say I've got Mark Howe (Ex Meteors drummer) playing guitar with me. Mark's current band is Switchblade, where he writes, sings and plays guitar

but we get together for a mad session. I am writing all of the tracks on the new EP. One of the tracks is called ' DIAGNOSIS PSYCHOSIS' which is all about my fucked up illness and the other one is called  LIKE A VOODOO DOLL'. The third track is called ' WATCH OUT ', and finally a track called 'THE CATWALK'. 

Yet on the better days, I couldn't be without my music. My love for recording and playing different instruments will always be with me.

"I have been struggling with mental health problems all my life and over the last few years it's been intense which has meant I haven't been able to write or release much. As I'm a solo artist, recording and playing all the instruments myself, it can be a huge task when you're fighting the motherfucking devil on your back!

I don't get good days but I get better days and it's those days that let me get back to writing and recording. My last EP 'My Search' was the last release to date, which gives you some idea of the problems I face. Just to give you an idea, 'The Lovecats' was actually started 4 years before I released it!!!

The last few years have been a rollercoaster of different medications, different cocktail of drugs, withdrawals, psychotic   episodes...when those dark days come, if there was a button to destroy the world, I would have pressed it.

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Watch my new video 'Baby Doll' Official HD Version

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"We have turned mental illness from a health problem into a criminal problem."


M bradley 2010